April 2016

  • Inequality and Instability
  • “It’s the same thing”…except it isn’t
  • Income Education: Tontines, Annuities and Mortality Credits
  • Trouble and the Executors

March 2016

  • The Realistic Response To “Expert” Optimists
  • How Two Health Care Laws Uncovered A ‘Bulked Up’ Retirement Account
  • Life Insurance Is An Uncorrelated Asset (And Why That’s a Good Thing)
  • Strategy: Pay Life Insurance Premiums With Portfolio Earnings

February 2016

  • "It Does Not Follow" Non Sequiturs in Financial Comparisons
  • Average Annual Rate of Return (If you're going to use it, know what it is)
  • Creative "Event Insurance"
  • "Doing Security" with the Upper Middle Class

January 2016

  • A Cyborg Solution to Personal Finance
  • The Government Reserves the Right to Move the Goal Posts
  • Rejuvenating Neglected Life Insurance Policies
  • Is Consumer Lending About to Get “Uberized?”

December 2015

  • Mr. America and Barbie: Distortions in Personal Finance
  • Transitioning To Self-Employment
  • The Impact of Tweaked Assumptions
  • Do You Have December in 3D