July 2016

  • Are You Ready for the Gig Economy?
  • In the Right Language, “Wealth Management” Starts with “Cash Flow”
  • Self-Insurance: Done Best by…Insurance Companies
  • The Invictus Illusion

June 2016

  • Your Ultimate Financial Objective: Spend and Enjoy!
  • Has the “Trade-up” Track for Real Estate been Derailed?
  • You Don’t Get to Define Your Disability
  • At Retirement, How will Your Cards be Shuffled?


May 2016

  • Designed for Blue Water
  • ZIRP, NIRP and Helicopter Money: What Do You See?
  • 60 Percent of What?
  • Meet with Your Advisors in the Morning (and eat a good breakfast)

April 2016

  • Inequality and Instability
  • “It’s the same thing”…except it isn’t
  • Income Education: Tontines, Annuities and Mortality Credits
  • Trouble and the Executors

March 2016

  • The Realistic Response To “Expert” Optimists
  • How Two Health Care Laws Uncovered A ‘Bulked Up’ Retirement Account
  • Life Insurance Is An Uncorrelated Asset (And Why That’s a Good Thing)
  • Strategy: Pay Life Insurance Premiums With Portfolio Earnings