December 2016

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  • Hedging Your Life Insurance Program
  • When Should Your Internal Fiscal Year Begin and End?
  • “The Story of Sports and Money” Begins with a Fight over a Life Insurance Policy

November 2016

  • Life Satisfaction from Cash on Hand
  • Dear IRS: I Messed Up My Rollover
  • The Brave New World of Legacy Planning for Digital Assets
  • Never in 5,000 Years: Anomaly or the New Normal?

October 2016

  • Making Life Insurance "OCCAM SIMPLE"
  • Take The Economist.... Please!
  • Deferred Compensation In College Football
  • The Reverse Mortgage: Using Home Equity In Retirement

September 2016

  • Preparing for What You Can’t Prepare For
  • Retirement Spending
  • A Generous Banker Shouldn’t Tempt You to Be a Foolish Borrower
  • What’s the End Game for Your Home?

August 2016

  • Resolving Tribal Conflict in Retirement Planning
  • Cars, Weddings and Other $30,000 Projects
  • Inheritance Equalization Strategies for Business Owners
  • Why You Want Others to Become World-Class Savers