Ryan Schulte

Financial Advisor

34000 Koso Nobe Rd, Suite 106 
North Fork, CA 93643

Phone:    949.336.2593
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The financial services industry is often built around a model of product distribution. While this isn’t inherently bad, it can often leave consumers feeling “Sold”. It’s also incomplete as the consumer is often given just enough information to make a buying decision. Ryan Schulte has been working with Westpac Wealth Partners since 2005 to offer financial services in opposition to the traditional distribution model. While Ryan’s client can still secure many of their financial products and investment advice guidance through Westpac Wealth Partners, they get far more. Ryan’s planning process is built around providing education to his clients so they can make an informed decision about their options. The education he provides extends far beyond what you might typically find in the office of a financial advisor. In fact, it’s not unlikely that you might end up on phone with Ryan and your attorney or CPA so Ryan can make sure you are fully informed on matters in which he isn’t licensed to practice. You only get one shot at building wealth over your lifetime. Doing it correctly can be the difference between passing wealth to your heirs or finishing your life on the support of your heirs… or worse, the government. This is something Ryan takes very seriously. He works diligently to ensure that all aspects of your financial life are designed optimally and in accordance with your goals.

Ryan has a particular niche working with young dental professionals. Graduating dental students transition almost overnight from being a college student to having high incomes, high debt loads and sometimes complex tax situations. In addition, the rigorous educational curriculum of dental school leaves little room for learning about personal financial matters. Many young dentists finish dental school with a sense of fear and anxiety about their futures. Ryan helps them make that transition and provides education along the way. He also works diligently to educate students while they are in dental school. He speaks all over the country at various schools, residency programs and conferences. He also writes articles for the American Student Dental Associations blog.

When it comes to managing money, Ryan employs a strategy he calls Evidence-Based Investing™. Each decision about investing is filtered through decades of academic research. The research dictates which stocks and bonds are included within the portfolio- not a crystal ball. Evidence-Based Investing ™ focuses on reducing total investment costs with the goal of systematically extracting returns from the broad market and managing for risk accordingly.

Ryan lives in the central Sierra Mountains near Yosemite with his wife Tracy and their 5 boys on a 4 acre piece of land that they affectionately refer to as the Schulte Farm. When Ryan is not providing guidance to his clients, he spends his time with his family, hiking, playing softball and soccer. He also sits on the board of the North Fork Redevelopment Council which is a nonprofit dedicated to redeveloping an industrial zone in Madera County. Currently they are building a state of the art biomass energy facility. Ryan also coaches little league baseball.

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